It seems these days everything is available “as a Service”. The great thing about Cloud based offerings is that each component is available on it’s own, enabling businesses to just purchase what they need when they need it. Yet there are components that seem to make sense to blend and bundle, which is the case with Workspace as a Service which is essentially a combination of Desktop as a Service with Desktop Applications as a Service. But why is now the right time for implementing Desktop as a Service, perhaps even as a stepping stone towards Workspace as a Service?

Paradigm Shifts

Gone are the days where every user had to have a dedicated PC with their own copy every piece of software they might need at any time. Mobile computing devices and Cloud services allow properly authorized people to access anything anywhere now. Even office-based workers are spending more time in meetings and huddle rooms collaborating with their peers. Having access to the full desktop with all your applications at your fingertips regardless of where you sit down to work is the new norm.

Front to Back Benefits

Many Cloud based services are available as individual pieces, and those pieces have a level of value as standalone solutions. Sometimes when they are combined, the resulting whole can be of greater value than the pieces individually, but at a greater cost. Individual use cases will dictate the best solution, but Desktop as a Service is quickly becoming a fundamental base point. In addition to up front user benefits of access to a consistent and familiar desktop regardless of location or connecting device, there are a number of back end productivity enhancements as well. Centralized management produces better performance at lower costs for tasks such as operating system and application upgrades, security patching, backups, license management and user provisioning. And the technical complexity of these tasks can be left to the IT experts hosting your Desktop as a Service.

One Step at a Time

Depending on factors like your company size, appetite for risk and even technical maturity, the thought of moving to Cloud services may seem overwhelming. One good thing is it can be done in steps. You might want to pilot Desktop as a Service with a particular department before migrating the entire company. Or you may prefer to just do it once and get over it. Either way, you will find there are plenty of options. This is why it is extremely important to work with an IT advisory firm like Norwell Technology Group that can provide industry expertise and guidance in selecting an appropriate and cost effective solution for your specific business needs. The Cloud market is growing by leaps and bounds, but not all service providers offer the same level of expertise. Finding a partner that can provide both the expertise and technical solutions that meet your needs will provide your best overall value.

Now is the Time

If it’s been on your radar for a while, or if Desktop as a Service is news to you, now is a great time take advantage of it’s many benefits. It is an ideal base for other Cloud offerings, providing improved flexibility and mobility for end users while keeping back end complexity and costs under control. Increasing your staff’s productivity while improving management of your technology footprint is a good one-two punch to help your bottom line!

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