Are there any businesses left that do not use computers? I think not. Even the teenager mowing lawns as a solo operator is likely using one to manage customer lists and track income and expenses. Yet for many, and especially small and medium business owners and operators, dealing with provisioning and maintaining PC’s for everyone in your company is not a core service that drives you forward. It may be a necessary evil, but let’s face it – the less time and resources spent on Information Technology, the better. Cloud-based services offer a wealth of options that can help, and now there is even Desktop as a Service.

With Desktop as a Service, you can essentially focus on your core business, and let your Cloud provider deal with all the complexity of provisioning and maintaining the computers you and your staff use. It is essentially like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure hosted in the Cloud. Your provider manages the technical aspects while you enjoy benefits like increased mobility and data security. There are plenty of great reasons to select Desktop as a Service, but to ensure a successful implementation that is appropriate to your business, it is important to work with a managed services provider like Norwell Technology Group who has the experience and resources to guide your transition. Here are some key considerations when choosing a provider for your Desktop as a Service implementation.

Initial Cost and Scalability

Of course, right? In many cases, a Cloud-based model is going to be less expensive than a DIY solution with everything on premise. Desktop as a Service is no different. Instead of managing a farm of computers in-house, and having to keep up with the constant changes is technology, pay for what you need when you need it, without the overhead of a staff of IT experts. Built into this point is future scalability. How quickly can the provider scale up? How far can they go? If you build a better mouse trap and experience 1,000% growth in a two month period, you do not want to have to retool your Desktop as a Service solution at the same time!

Performance and Availability

A fast computer is useless if you can’t get to it, and likewise a poorly performing system may be just as useless even if you can get to it. You know your own business better than anyone, but be certain your provider has up-time when you need it, not just from 9 to 5. Keep the second prong sharp as well being certain that when you access your desktop it provides acceptable performance. Don’t be the one asking your customer to wait while your computer responds – leave that trite excuse to your competitors! Have documented Service Level Agreements in place for these elements, with consequences if the objectives are not met.

Security and Control

Assume nothing! It is your business that is on the line, so be certain your provider’s security standards are adequate to meet your requirements. Is your business subject to government regulations? Military contracting? Handling sensitive Personally Identifiable Information? You are still accountable, so vetting your service provider is on you. Also find out how much technical control they will allow you to retain. Not all Desktop as a Service providers operate the same, and many have multiple support tiers, but be certain you choose a good fit.

Your individual business will drive a number of other decision points, but these are some key considerations that should be examined up-front as a baseline to determine which Desktop as a Service provider is right for you.

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