Your business is only as good as the people you have on staff. Having skilled, experienced leaders at the helm who embody your company’s values and mission is key to becoming – and remaining – competitive with the products and services you offer.

A New Way of Thinking About Staffing CIO and CISO Functions

The need for talented executives hasn’t changed, but there has been a sea change in the way companies go about sourcing executives over the last several years – particularly when it comes to filling executive roles to lead a company’s technology function. You need strong guidance, leadership, and forward thinking concerning your IT infrastructure and information security and digital transformation programs, but now you don’t need to hire full-time professionals to get the expertise your business needs.

Rather than creating search committees and spending months sourcing and interviewing potential candidates, more businesses are choosing to leverage outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO),Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and other Chief Data Information and Technology leaders.

How Businesses Benefit from Outsourced CIO and CXO Solutions

There are many advantages to outsourcing the key technology leadership functions.

Pay Only for the Services Your Company Actually Needs

First, by choosing a trusted resource like Norwell Technology Group to provide the technology leadership they need, businesses get all of the skills, knowledge and experience they need, without having to put one or more executives on the payroll.

Essentially, companies can “rent” their technology leadership and expertise, paying just for what they need without having to sacrifice quality.

Depth of Quality and Resources

Outsourcing CIO and other related roles enables a business to get all the needed technical skills and experience without the expense challenges of hiring and retaining full-time on-premises technology leaders. There is also another significant benefit. The on demand CXO specialists can draw upon an array of talented, experienced, and credentialed professionals that are resident in firms such as Norwell Technology Group.

From a quality standpoint, choosing a reputable, stable provider for outsourced technology leadership can give your business access to institutional knowledge and collaboration that can be hard to match in a direct-hire situation. Outsourced CIO solutions mean your business will be able to tap into industry best practices and leverage templates that have proven successful, without having to re-create the wheel or spend months getting new executives up to speed.

Because the professionals you’ll be working with when you outsource your company’s CXO functions are seasoned professionals, you can also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they understand your industry, your business, your technology needs, and the risks you face.

Your Business Runs on IT. Keep it Running Smoothly with Help from Norwell Technology Group.

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