Office 365 is in your future, but how to get there?

Many companies are recognizing the value of Office 365 Managed Services, but are struggling with the challenges of migrating. Some lack the skills necessary to migrate mission critical-applications to the Cloud, and others are concerned about the risk. These are very real concerns, and are exactly why you should consider expert assistance in this undertaking.

Cloud service offerings like Office 365 make a lot of sense for a variety of reasons, but that is not the topic of this article. You have likely already made the decision that you need to get there, and are now figuring out how. The list of mandates driving the migration are often juxtaposed with the requirements imposed on the same migration. For example, you must migrate to Office 365 Managed Services to control costs and improve availability, yet the migration must be completed with minimal impact to the user community, and it needs to be completed “yesterday”! Developing the expertise in-house for migrating applications to the Cloud can be both expensive and time intense. This is where the Office 365 Managed Services migration assistance provided by Norwell Technology Group can be a benefit. As a premier managed services hosting provider, Norwell Technology Group has expertise in both migration and steady-state operational servicing of Office 365 Managed Services.

Options – there are always options!

When it comes to migrating, you have options that can be utilized to maximize your business drivers. Do you need the migration done fast? Are you hyper-sensitive to risk? Would down-time be your Achilles’ Heel? Let Norwell Technology Group help you consider the options and choose the one that best meets your situation.

  • Flash cutover: This is the quickest and generally the least costly migration method, but not usually a good fit for companies with over 300 seats. With a cutover, existing data is pre-staged while users continue to work in your existing environment without disruption. Then at the point of cutover, mail routing is switched to Office 365 Managed Services with a quick pass to synchronize any new mail since the latest stage. Zip Zap Done!
  • Co-existence with Waves: In this model, both your current environment and the Office 365 environment are operational at the same time. Employees are migrated in waves, and eventually the original environment is eliminated. Each wave is handled similar to the flash cutover, but in manageable bites as opposed to the entire company all at once. This can be done along organizational lines, or geographically, or any other means of dividing the company that makes sense.
  • Perpetual co-existence: You may have requirements that would result in a need for keeping your heritage system in place, perhaps for legal reasons, for certain employees while obtaining the benefits of Office 365 Managed Services for the main population. This type of hybrid solution can be implemented as well.

The bottom line.

The net is, Norwell Technology Group has the right solution for your needs to migrate to Office 365 Managed Services. With customizable approaches that allow for both on-premise and cloud-based email solutions to work together, you can keep your legacy systems up and running as long as needed and still keep your email, contacts and calendar entries synchronized.

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