In the near future, the scale of business growth will directly correlate with the scale of cloud computing growth, many experts agree. According to Cisco, over 90% of all workloads will move through data centers that are based in the cloud, leaving only 8% for traditional data providers. The acceleration into the cloud will become more robust as 2020 gets closer, the last year in the study’s time frame.

The need for data in general will increase 2.6 times from 2015 to 2020. In the same period, the workload that cloud data centers process will surpass this overall increase, tripling its size (3.2 times). Workload density shows the same trend – it will increase at a much faster rate for cloud data centers than it will for traditional data centers.

What does this mean for your company?

If Cisco’s statistics mean anything, your company should be moving into the cloud for more than bragging rights or access to a few APIs. Very soon, cloud data centers will be the only resource that is robust enough to handle the data that will be coming through your networks.

The Pressure is On

Big data will continue to rise in importance, and organization will mean more than aggregation in the future. Organizing and analyzing data can produce an exponential need for resources, which only the cloud will be able to handle if your business is looking to scale without incident.

Agile development places additional pressure on a data network. Companies must be able to move essentially in real time, replacing the traditional structure of iterative deployment with a philosophy of continuous improvement. This must be done in a cost effective way, especially in the SMB market. In order to continue to compete with the gradual consolidation of enterprise level companies occuring in every major industry, smaller companies must keep the cost of data low.

The total amount of global traffic across the Internet will increase to 2.3 ZB annually by the year 2020. Global center traffic will total 15.3 ZB per year in the same year. Data pathways will be more secure and robust; however, the sheer amount of traffic means that companies must keep up with security measures and functional API structures. Malicious users will be able to hide more easily behind a wall of noise, making it harder for companies without updated security to stay protected.

Your Future Prospects

The future of business is in setting a strong hub for the movement and deployment of data. That hub must be future proofed and seamlessly interact with a network that is consistently growing. If your business is scaling, you must also be able to scale your access to resources in a way that does not interfere with your customer facing operations.

Do not try to do this all alone – this is a job for an IT advisory partner that is ahead of the curve. IT does not have to become a core competency at your company. Keep in mind that even the biggest tech companies in the world hire other tech companies to handle their data, including Apple, which has been fully outsourcing to Amazon until very recently.

The Norwell Technology Group is the IT partner that can grow with your company. With a vision that is geared towards protecting and guiding small and medium sized businesses, Norwell can bring your piece of the data pie to your front doorstep without a need for in house bloat.

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