Advisory Services

Successful IT adoption requires strategic planning, solution design, deployment and on-going support. Most providers specialize in just one of two things: thinking or doing. Clients need both. Many businesses find it challenging to identify a single partner that fulfills the end-to-end process.

Norwell Technology Group’s Consulting Services provide the best of both worlds.  Our team features high-level consultants with years of experience across both business processes and leading technologies. We follow industry best practices to help you develop successful strategic IT plans:

  • Understanding your vision to help identify an ideal end-state that includes input from every business unit

  • Understanding business needs, resolving business issues and achieving the objectives you need to accomplish

  • Utilizing a collaborative approach with you to establish holistic, business-driven solutions for your IT architecture

NTG is proud of the comprehensive offerings we have built to serve our clients over the past 10 years. Our services range from strategic capital planning to the management of the critical projects enabling your success.


Strategic Planning

Objective leadership is the key differentiator for developing and executing a successful business strategy. We will augment and partner with your executive team to define your vision and goals, create teaming of key stakeholders, and oversee specific and actionable tasks related to the implementation, communication and the evolution of your strategy.

Agile Transformation & Delivery

Agile delivery provides companies with an effective alternative to other project management methodology. By developing a pace in incremental and iterative bursts, combined with teaming, projects can achieve better outcomes with higher customer satisfaction. Our offerings of Agile Services include plan design, project delivery and training.

Business Process & Transformation

To remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape, businesses need to continually evaluate and refine their processes. NTG’s approach to business process transformation is to understand our client’s business so we can navigate your current challenges to define your transformation strategy and align it with your business goals.

Program & Project Leadership and Execution

We provide unbiased thought leadership, sustainable PMO infrastructure expertise, program governance, fiscal planning, and day-to-day project planning and execution to ensure our clients are meeting the program and project leadership goals.  We do this through our CxO on Demand or as a function of a pointed engagement.

Information Management & Data Governance

Proper management of data quality and security has become essential to mitigating risk and meeting your strategic business goals as we plan for the Digital future. NTG helps design and implement creative and secure solutions to derive value from your data and better position our clients to make informed business decisions.

Change Management

Intellectual capital is your organization’s most valuable asset. Organizations often struggle to objectively and successfully managing change. NTG can help achieve your change management goals to ensure evolution by focusing on stakeholder engagement, organizational readiness, training, policy and communication.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Managing your data can be a competitive advantage. Our firm will work with you to develop a strategy to transform your data into meaningful and actionable business opportunities. Our services include performing technology and vendor assessments, managing the implementation of your chosen technology, and developing sustainable benchmarking and reporting.

Vendor & Technology Selection

The process to select a technology and vendor can be challenging given the rate of change and industry consolidation. NTG is an unbiased partner with industry expertise and depth of experience in navigating and driving the desired outcome. We provide our clients objective, vendor agnostic end-to-end support — from building defined requirements to contract negotiations and implementation management.

IT Assesment

Our IT Assessments employs a comprehensive process and framework with an easy to understand reporting breakdown that measures each critical IT function, policy and process. The assessment makes it simple to identify your IT strengths and weaknesses so you can invest more wisely through Impact, Gap, Risk and Cost Analysis. Our analyzes has expansive range of IT functional areas, including Data Management, complete Infrastructure, Cloud, Business Service & Application, BCP, BC/DR, Security & Risk and Unified Communications.

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