Productivity increases equal profits. In today’s interconnected, collaborative, distributed, and virtual information-based business setting, Office 365 Managed Services can be your vehicle to drive continuous improvements and productivity increases. Here are seven ways every business can benefit.

  1. Everywhere Computing: From desk to meeting room, or home office to hotel, the Cloud and mobile devices have changed where people work. Office 365 Managed Services, as a cloud platform, is an excellent way to enable changes in how people work today. Smartphones and tablets eliminate the need to sit down with a laptop, but there are those times only a real keyboard will do. Your office software platform needs to be just as flexible as your people, presenting information and files in a consistent manner!
  2. Seamless Software: A major productivity boost that comes with Office 365 is seamless synergy within the software. Launch a Skype call from email, or send an email from within a Word document … no more need to stop, open the other app, then copy and paste. Launch or utilize features of other applications from where you are, be it a text document or a spreadsheet!
  3. Collaborative Collaboration: The Personal Computer ushered in unprecedented personal productivity increases, but today the demand is for collaboration across geographies and companies. Few people only work with those in their local office, and few projects can succeed with the efforts of just a single person. Real-time sharing of ideas and documents is crucial, and doing so securely is vital. Utilizing shared resources for a project circumvents bottlenecks of a single owner and allows others to keep things moving. No more rescheduled meetings because the keeper of the file was unable to make it!
  4. Real Project Management: Office 365 Planner is a component that will revolutionize your project management capabilities. Far more than just keeping a list of tasks in a spread sheet, Planner provides a simple and visual interface for organizing and managing everything from a simple tasks list to full blown project plans with schedules, budgets, timelines, dependencies and more!
  5. Intuitive Assistance: Forget the old Microsoft paperclip or “Bob”, but prepare to be impressed with the learning capability Office 365 Managed Services. While you work, Office 365 is constantly learning about your use patterns and customizes itself based on your needs and preferences. From recommending relevant content to helping handle your email, Office 365 is here to help.
  6. Detach from Attachments: Emailing attachments was certainly an improvement over “snail mail” or “sneaker-net”, but as with so many things in the tech world, abuse and logistical problems followed. Viruses and malware can be delivered in an attachment that looks like a simple spreadsheet. And how can you be certain you have just received the latest version of a file? Instead of sending a copy of the file, simply send a link to the source and enable collaborative access to it! Not only does this improve productivity, it also greatly reduces virus and malware risks.
  7. Tame Meeting Mayhem: With people on the go, a simple change of a meeting start time can become a fiasco. But with Office 365 and the aforementioned “everywhere computing”, along with project and group calendars, keeping everyone synced and on time is a breeze!

There are a lot of benefits of Office 365 Managed Services and hundreds of lists of top features, best improvements, etc. Space does not allow a complete review of everything, but this should get you excited about moving forward. A premier partner like Norwell Technology Group can provide much more detail and professional guidance in planning and executing your migration.

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